How to Close a Deal with a Killer Proposal

Writing a killer proposal for your clients is one of the best way to secure a life changing deal. Proposal writing shouldn’t be hard and technical, you should consider that not all of your clients will be able to understand your technical jargons or industry terms, that’s why it is best to write to simple English pages which can be easily understood.

To start writing a proposal, you must do your own research first with the client that you are sending the proposal. Check out their strong and weak points and think how you can help them improve or grow their business.

You can elaborate this on the plan of actions that you will be doing for their business. Be sure to explain in detailed how their business can benefit from this plan. Having project recommendations is one of the few things that you can use to grab their attention and trust. Show them how innovative and creative you are on getting various things done. Show your expertise and never hold back.

Once you have showcased your expertise and action plan. Now it is time to show the pricing and time estimates. Include all the payment terms and be sure to include all the costings for the services and tools that you are using and never miss a single one, as it is not a good move to add additional costs while the contract is ongoing. You should really avoid that, unless you have mentioned that additional costs might arise if there is another kind of service request.

Only give realistic and tangible results, and never give promises to your clients that are unrealistic, this will just affect you and your agency in the long run. You are trying to build a rapport, and to build a successful one, you need to give them the results that they want.

Outlining these on your proposal, plus the expected time frame really helps them understand and give them the right expectations. Lastly, end your proposal with some legal stuff such as NDA agreement and it can be forwarded to any company without prior consent.