How Outstanding Customer Support Boost Sales

Customer support is very important in any business, whether it is an ecommerce or service type of business. This should not be ignored at all as it can greatly improve your sales on a different height you never imagine.

Having an easy to access support from your website and answering these requests in a matter of seconds is proven to increase sales conversion compared to website who doesn’t have any communication channels be it slow email support, no FAQs or knowledgebase, no livechat, no phone number visible to their website and most specially hidden or fake about us page. Those are really a big no-no if you are really serious about your business. You must provide these in the most convenient way to gain the trust of your customers.

Serious buyers often look at these communication channels and once they have seen that just one of these are available in your site really increased their trust and confidence to purchase with your online store or website. They will know you are a legit business and not those shady type or commonly known as fly by not businesses.

Running a business requires capital and you can’t simply say that you don’t have extra money to spend on customer support. You can simply hire a VA or outsource your customer care department or process to other countries where costs of labor is 2 to 4 cheaper compared to hiring a local staff in your place. Customer support channels that can be use to your site such as: livechat, email support, knowledge based and ticketing system from Freshdesk which is totally free so you don’t have any reason if you are tight on your budget. If you want to become successful you really need to invest time, money, effort, dedication and show your customers that you are serious doing business with them and you truly care for them.

Once you have acquired these customers, sending them weekly or monthly updates, promos, coupon codes, or anything that might be valuable to their business will be greatly appreciated by these people and will improve your retention rates.