How Instagram Stories Can Help Your Business

We all know social media is very popular, and majority of business owners are harnessing the power of this platform to drive additional traffic to their websites. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc. the goal is only one and that is to extend their reach online.

Instagram, one of the most popular social media platform is now being utilise for business purpose using Instagram stories. If you are not aware, you can link your Facebook to Instagram, if you don’t have an account yet. One good use case by using stories is when you have occasion or event in your company and followers can see your Instagram stories and they might end up being attracted or interested to your company and you will get more followers and even potential clients.

As an entrepreneur we need to know how to utilise such marketing channel as it can greatly benefit our business. You can use this opportunity to improve brand awareness, by consistently posting related stuff about your business in your profile. Here are some examples how to build your IG story and why choose Instagram over any other platform.

Brand Color Scheme

By posting Instagram stories or photos make sure to check what color, sticker you will use, you need to become aware and standard of your color. stick to one so your viewers will be easily identifying your company.

Instagram rule

Make it short not too long, your viewers will not so be interested if your story is too long making its shorter and beautiful to your audience.

Direct message

This is a great way and chance to apply the P2P approaches people to people approach of your follower, never ignore their comments and personal message. Responding to their messages will grow your engagement even more. Be yourself and don’t forget to enjoy and had fun socializing online.