Brain Booster Tips to Make You More Productive

Some days you’re in hurry, feel tired. You forgot some of your things your phone and sometimes you can’t find your keys and your running late.

Here are some tips to boost brain memory and to have more energy.

Eat breakfast

Yes, eat breakfast, maybe you heard this tip all the time, but it’s so true that you need to eat breakfast to start your day maybe you don’t have time to prefer but if you can’t eat a large breakfast you can just have a piece of bread with butter and some fruits. You don’t want to start working with an empty stomach as you will not be able to concentrate on the work that you need to accomplish.

Organize your work Area

Some people can say that they can work more in a messy table. But what about your coworkers? Do you think they will be happy to work besides your messy table and even your boss to see those clutter? Being messy can be a time waster, as there will be a time that you need to find your things and because of the clutter you have consumed a couple of minutes to an hour and still not be able to find the things that you need. Why not to clean and organize your area and you will easily find your things and you will have more time to focus on your work.

 Write things down

You can’t always remember all things so get your pen and notebook and write down all your task, so you will not forget them, and you will not stress about this.

Set realistic Goals

Sometimes we are thinking that we can do all things all at once, but the sad truth is you can’t. Only set a realistic goal that you can do or can finish in a day.

Take scheduled breaks

When you finish your projects and other task you can have a minute of break don’t forget about that. Maybe you don’t want to have break to impress your boss but that’s not good for your mind and to your health burning yourself is not good for you.